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Even the hottest Web sites today are no more than electronic brochures on the Internet. They lack sound and motion - the elements that make television advertising so effective. Maximize your online advertising with real video so your hotel can sell itself.


HotelView produces two- to four-minute high-quality video vignettes of your hotel for the Internet.

  • The video features your hotel's guestrooms, public areas, grounds, meeting space and recreational facilities.
  • Production includes script writing, filming, editing, narration - everything needed to produce a video that sells your hotel.
  • You get 25 free copies of the video, in either NTSC (North American) or PAL (European) format, for your marketing purposes.
  • Translation of the video from English to another language is available.

HotelViewYour video goes on your web site where it can be accessed by clicking on a specially designated icon. It can also be seen on the HotelView web site. Yahoo! Internet Life magazine recently awarded four stars to HotelView for providing the "Best Hotel Room Previews."

Viewers can also access your hotel's video through other web sites that have agreed to co-promote through the use of hyperlinks, or gateways, on the Internet. HotelView provides numerous hyperlinks that cross-link HotelView and its members' sites to other travel, business and entertainment sites on the World Wide Web.

HotelView has developed a network of leading travel agencies that operate on the Internet with the purpose of researching travel and supporting on-line customers. We have additionally created a searchable database of these member agencies to assist travelers with the agents knowledge and expertise when making a buying decision.


Video on the Internet has arrived. However, it is costly to maintain and the download time is often slow. HotelView uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver your hotel's video at least 40% faster and with 40% greater quality than most other Internet delivery services.

Production fees are low because HotelView uses its own on-site production studio, in-house computer technicians, and has a network of more than 300 film crews around the world.


HotelView gives you television-like advertising on the Internet, which is available to potential guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

Research by TravelNow, a top-tier independent travel agency, shows that HotelView advertising generates over 8 times more bookings than a static hotel site.

Internet banner ads are 20% more powerful than TV ads. And, an Internet site with HotelView is proven to be 400%-1000% more influential than Internet banner ads.

Improve your media efficiency. Print media has a huge waste factor because few readers are looking for your product. Internet viewers come to you, making it up to 99% more cost efficient.

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